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Oregon's wine industry

McMinnville was first settled in 1843.  Since the 1990s, most of the vineyards of the Willamette Valley have been in the area surrounding McMinnville, giving this city a claim to the title of the capital of Oregon's wine industry. Turkey Rama is a three-day festival held in downtown McMinnville celebrating the ongoing tradition of the turkey barbecue. The barbecue was started in 1938 by turkey farmers in the McMinnville area when the county's main source of wealth was the turkey-farming industry. Commercial exhibitions have replaced the "turkey exhibitions", and the turkey-judging competitions and turkey races have been eliminated in favor of more "turkey-friendly" rides, booths, and outdoor entertainment. The nearby Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum is best known as the home of the world's largest propeller-driven seaplane, built by the famed aviator Howard Hughes. Learn more by visiting the City of McMinnville website here.

Local McMinnville Carpentry

Valley Woodworks is a local carpentry business that would enjoy the opportunity to help you with your McMinnville home or business improvements. We focus on Historic Window Restoration, Storm Windows, Finished Carpentry, and Staircase Building.

McMinnville Storm Windows 6
McMinnville Storm Windows 5

beautiful and functional storm windows

The previous images are from a local McMinnville neighbor. The project was to tailor-fit the house with historically accurate and functional storm windows. The storm windows add insulation, noise dampening, and weather protection for the wood double-hung windows.

Bringing beauty back

The image to the right is of a Palladian window at Fort Columbia in Washington, not too far from McMinnville. The window was in great need of repair, and the entire arched piece, as well as the jamb, had to be fabricated.

Historic Fort Columbia Palladian-035 Windows
Astoria Finish Work 2

A new life

This last project was a complete remodel that took place in Astoria, not too far from McMinnville. The bones were good on this historic home, but the inside needed to be gutted and restored. Valley Woodworks did all the woodworking seen in the photo, except for the floors and cabinets. 

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