Salem Curved Complete Staircase Build

Salem Origins

Salem is the capital city of Oregon. It is estimated that the area has been inhabited for over 10,000 years. The first people of European descent arrived in the area as early as 1812. There are a few different possible sources for the name "Salem" when the first plans for the city started around 1850.  One suggestion was based on adopting an Anglicized version of the Hebrew word "Shalom", meaning "peace" (as well as "hello" and "goodbye").  An influential Reverend also wanted a Biblical name and suggested using the last five letters of "Jerusalem." Agriculture has always been important to Salem, and the city has historically recognized and celebrated it in a number of ways.  Learn more by visiting the City of Salem website here.

Local Carpentry in Salem

Valley Woodworks is a local carpentry business that would enjoy the opportunity to help you with your Salem home or business improvements.  We focus on Historic Window Restoration, Storm Windows, Finished Carpentry, and Staircase Building.

The picture above and the picture to the side show a new Curved Staircase we built for one of your neighbors in Salem. The owners of the home wanted a finely-crafted, white oak staircase to be the centerpiece of the entrance of their new residence.  Valley Woodworks was able to step in and make their dream a reality.   

Salem Curved Staircase Side View
Salem Curved Handrail Glue-up

Crafting Stairs

The image to the left shows that a great deal of time, effort, glue, and clamps were all needed to craft the curved handrail.  The handrail had to perfectly mirror the curvature of the staircase. 

A Stunning Entry

Next, we show a project we did for another Salem neighbor. Valley Woodworks was brought in to frame and finish the staircase and trim work for this modern home.

Salem 3 Flight Stair Build 1
Finish Carpentry Kitchen Remodel

Cabinet Remodeling in Salem

This last Salem project is for Cabinet Remodeling.  The client on this project desired to have a refrigerator that blended in with the rest of the kitchen cabinetry.  Valley Woodworks was able to incorporate the fridge seamlessly. 

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