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Protect Your Home

We strive at Valley Woodworks to reconstruct the time-tested design of the mortise and tenon storm window. What is the purpose of a storm window, you may wonder? There are actually several reasons to invest in storm windows for your historic home. Storm windows were part of the original design of older homes as part of the window system. Storms help preserve double-hung windows, increase energy efficiency, and act as a sound barrier to outside noise. The frame of the storm window is constructed from all wood, tempered glass is used for strength and safety purposes, and the hardware can be coordinated with the style of the home and the homeowner’s desired function for the storm window. Storms are made in such a way that they can be easily put on or taken off. Also, they can be made to remain stationary or able to be propped open for airflow during the winter months. They are all custom-built to fit perfectly with the existing windows.

Seemless Design

The pictures here are from the same project. In the first image on top, you will see storm windows that are able to be propped open for airflow. In this image, you can see how the storm windows blend in seamlessly with the historic windows, resulting in an ascetically pleasing look.

McMinnville Storm Windows 4
MaMere's Guest House in Monmouth without Storms
Mamere's Guest House in Monmouth with Storms

Directly above is an example of custom built storm windows added to MaMere’s Guest House, a historic bed and breakfast in Monmouth, Oregon.  The client was able to protect their wood windows, increase their energy efficiency, and reduced road noise; all while maintaining the look of their charming historic bed and breakfast.

Screen Window Option

Another element of the original window system was custom-built screen windows that could be affixed to the outside of the double-hung windows.  Much like the storm windows for winter, the screen windows serve a special purpose during the hotter months.  A screen window enables airflow and protection for the double-hung window while maintaining the classic look of a historic home.  The screens are made of wood frames, matching the look of the house, and durable screen material.  The screens are similar to the storm windows in that they can be easily put on or taken off of each window.  

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