Albany Window and Storm New Build

Historic Albany

Albany had its first European American settler arrive around 1845.  A family of early prominence came a few years later and bought 320 acres while plotting out 60 acres for a city named "Albany" after their hometown of Albany in New York.  Albany is in the central part of Oregon's most populated region, the Willamette Valley. The city rests along the confluence of the Calapooia and Willamette rivers. Albany calls itself the "rare metals capital of the world".  Albany has many paths and trails open to both pedestrians and bicyclists. Learn more by visiting the City of Albany website here.

Valley Woodworks is a local carpentry business that would enjoy the opportunity to help you with your Albany home or business improvements.  We focus on Historic Window Restoration, Storm Windows, Finished Carpentry, and Staircase Building.

Albany Restorations

In the picture above, we also were working in Albany. The owner of this house wanted to replace the current vinyl windows with wood windows, which she had on hand from a previous remodel. The wood windows were restored, and new jambs were fabricated. Storm Windows were also fabricated to complete the project.

The project pictured to the right is for an Albany neighbor who wanted to restore their window units to their original configuration. Over the years, the windows had been changed to a thin horizontal window to accommodate a garage. When the garage was removed, the owner wanted to have the original configuration restored, as pictured above.

Albany Window Unit Restoration

The following pictures show a new Curved Staircase we built for one of your Albany neighbors in Salem. The homeowners wanted a finely-crafted, white oak staircase to be the centerpiece of the entrance of their new residence, and Valley Woodworks was able to step in and make their dream a reality.

Salem Curved Complete Staircase Build
Salem Curved Staircase Side View

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