Finish Carpentry

challenges of finish carpentry

At Valley Woodworks, we thrive on the unique challenges of finish carpentry.   First, we want you to know the difference between Carpentry and Finish Carpentry.  Carpentry is a building trade focused on constructing, assembling, and repairing of wooden structures.  Finish Carpentry includes installing crown molding, trim, casing around joints and openings, attaching hardware, and building in shelves and closets.  It might seem simple, but the finish carpentry is what people see — it needs to be completed well and correctly. A certain level of woodworking and attention to detail are required to get the job done right.

Long-lasting & Beautiful Home

The pictures above are from the same project and display the beauty of clear finished fir being used for craftsman style finish work: note the wainscoting, crown molding, window, and door trim.  Each element had to be seamlessly integrated with the whole, resulting in a long-lasting, classic, beautiful home.

Finish Carpentry Hallway to Bathroom
Finish Carpentry Entrance to Movie Room

unique finish carpentry

In this next image, you will see a unique finish carpentry project.  The curved walls and trim presented a welcomed challenge. Each piece of base trim had to match the curvature of the wall. Successive pieces of vertical narrow boards had to be individually installed to create the finished wall surface.

kitchen remodel

And this last project we show a kitchen remodel, where the owners desired that their refrigerator would be incorporated into the cabinetry.  Doors and panels were built to blend the refrigerator seamlessly into the existing motif.  Also, a cabinet was added above the unit, and the existing trim was blended with the updated section.

Finish Carpentry Kitchen Remodel

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