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Historic Window Restoration

At Valley Woodworks, we aim to carefully restore historic windows. In the process, we unearth the original form, function, and beauty of a window from years of weathering, neglect, or simply various remodels. Our goal is to bring your windows back to being structurally-sound, functional, and historically accurate.

Storm Windows

We strive at Valley Woodworks to reconstruct the time-tested design of the mortise and tenon storm window.  What is the purpose of a storm window, you may wonder? There are actually several reasons to invest in storm windows for your historic home. Storm windows were part of the original design of older homes as part of the window system. Storms help preserve double-hung windows, increase energy efficiency, and act as a sound barrier to outside noise.


At Valley Woodworks, we are not afraid to take on challenges in woodworking. Stair building involves precise calculations and great attention to detail. A stair builder must factor in many variables to ensure that each component seamlessly integrates into the whole design. Often handrails must be tailor-made for the specific design characteristics required for each unique project.

Finish Carpentry

At Valley Woodworks, we thrive on the unique challenges of finish carpentry. First, we want you to know the difference between Carpentry and Finish Carpentry. Carpentry is a building trade focused on constructing, assembling, and repairing wooden structures. Finish Carpentry includes installing crown molding, the trim, casing around joints and openings, attaching hardware, and building in shelves and closets. 

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