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Custom staircases

At Valley Woodworks, we are not afraid to take on challenges in woodworking; Stair building involves precise calculations and great attention to detail. A stair builder must factor in many variables to ensure that each component seamlessly integrates into the whole design. Often handrails must be tailor-made for the specific design characteristics required for each unique project. Valley Woodworks staircases serve as a visually pleasing focal point for the center of a home.

Design that Inspires

In these following images of a simple rustic staircase build, you will see the character added to a space by choosing the specific design elements that blend well with the overall style and design of the home.

Salem 2 Flight 2 image
multiple 90 degree stair build

modern stair build

This next image shows a project in which we designed, framed, installed wall molding, and put all the finishing touches on this modern stair build. 

Curved Handrail

In the set of images, we give a glimpse into the process of fabricating a curved handrail. The handrail had to be custom-made to mirror the curvature of the staircase. This process involves many clamps, a great deal of glue, and working at a quick speed before the glue sets up. As you can see, the fabrication was a success, and the handrail was later installed.

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What our clients are saying

As my husband and I were building our house, we needed a woodworking artisan for the stairway to the second floor.  Joseph was recommended to us and that was our lucky day!  He is a true artist as shown by the pictures.  In addition, he is cooperative, pleasant, and always ready for a full day’s work.  We highly recommend this artist, Joseph, for any type of project you are engaged in.

Sandie and John T.

Owners of the curved staircase pictured